Wish List

7 Dec

A few of my family members have been asking what I want for Christmas, so I decided to post it here!

Pant size: 8, large, or 28. Regular inseam usually works.

Shoe size: 9

Shirt size: Medium.

Of course gift cards are always nice! Especially to Barnes & Noble for classic book and to Victoria’s Secret for the obvious. I just thought I’d give a few specific gift ideas.

Wish List

Knit Cozy Sweater. Lace Trim Top. Flower Back Top. Beaded Tank. Skinny Jeans. Black Jeans. Black Flats. Black Heels.

Tarte Eyelash Curler. White Toms. Sephora Make up Kit. Heart Umbrella. Wireless Mouse.

A few of these are essentials, but some I just want. I need a wireless mouse because something went wrong with the wiring in my laptop, so I have to double click the trac-pad like 5 or 6 times before my laptop decides to actually click. I’d like an umbrella because only two of my jackets have hoods, but the one I wear the most doesn’t. It’d be nice to have a cute umbrella. I also would like a new Tarte eyelash curler, because the spring on my last one broke recently and I have to use a crappy drugstore curler which takes twice as long and doesn’t work as well.

This list was actually really hard for me to make, becuase I usually buy whatever I want/need. These are the things I haven’t gotten around to buying yet.


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