New Year’s Resolutions

28 Dec

Happy New Year everybody! Hopefully everyone had a great 2010, and hopefully you’re looking forward to 2011 as much as I am! So, with the new year fast approaching, I thought it would be fitting to post my resolutions!

P.S. I have a post in the works about my recent Disneyland trip I still need to publish! I had a great time with my mom, and hopefully we can make it a tradition!

NewYear's Eve

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1. Gluten Free

I went gluten free for about a month, and went off for the holidays. (I really couldn’t miss out on stuffing!) While I was off gluten, I felt great! No belly bloat, and I lost 10 pounds. This lifestyle is incredibly hindering, as most resturaunts don’t have gluten free options (except I was informed that Red Robin has an entire gluten free menu by my friend Dayla aka world’s best hostess). I’m also moving into a dorm when I transfer to a four year college where I’m going to be eating cafeteria food. Gluten free eating will probably be an issue at that point, but hopefully I can stick with it by making informed decisions.

2. Keep up on This Blog

I’ve wanted to have my own successful blog for a while, and I have a lot of great ideas. I haven’t been able to actually keep up with a blog, due to my busy schedule. I was given a calendar for Christmas, so hopefully I can create a schedule for myself and stick to it!

3. Decide Where I Want to Transfer

I have a huge decision coming up in a few months. I’ve applied to transfer to University of Hawaii at Manoa, some college in Boston that I’m not even considering anymore, California State University Chico (where I’ve already been accepted, but won’t consider going unless they offer me a full scholarship and/or as a last resort) and California State University Long Beach. Obviously there are lots of pros and cons for each location, and if I get accepted into multiple locations (with a 3.9 GPA I’ll be surprised if I don’t) I’m going to have a hard time deciding where I want to be for the rest of my life.

4. Get a Job Relevant to my Career Choice

Currently, I work in food service at a great company called Auntie Anne’s. Yes, I roll pretzels for a living, and supervise people who roll pretzels for a living. Technically, my title is Team Member/Shift Manager/Hostess, but none of these titles are relevant to the education industry. When I transfer to a four year college, I plan to take my experience and acquire a job that is more professional, if not relevant to my career choice.

5. Get an Annual Pass to Disneyland/Get More Internships!

If I transfer to CSU Long Beach, I won’t be too far from my favorite place in the world–Disneyland! If that happens, I want to get an annual pass so I can visit anytime I want. That would be the ultimate for me. If I don’t move to Long Beach, I plan on focusing my time on getting internships in the social media/blogging/journalism world. I enjoy having such outlets to express my creativity.


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