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I Just Bought my First Lottery Ticket!

3 Jan

Yup, I’ve been able to buy lottery tickets for almost two years, and I just bought my first.


(Please excuse the horrible quality. My camera is being rude and I don’t have time to fix it.)

Of course I had to buy Scratchers, too!

lottery2WISH ME LUCK!

My mom and I spent a while talking about what we would do if we won the current jackpot, which is around $300 million. Here’s what I came up with:

1. Quit my job. Obviously I wouldn’t need to work a mall job if I was getting monthly payments that are more than I make annually.

2. Buy a new iPhone. Mine broke after dropping it in a sink full of dirty dishwater at work when the power went out. I’d buy an iPhone 4 for sure.

3. Buy out Chain Reaction. My life goal is to run my own venue, so why not buy one that’s already got a reputation and a great location? I’d get rid of all the promotion and booking “companies” that put on shows, so I can have complete control over who plays. That means no Bring Me The Horizon!

4. Buy a house/car/Disneyland annual pass. These are all necessary. I’d get one of each for my mom and brother too.

5. Take a cruise! I’d probably go to Greece, Italy, and France if possible. Of course my mom would be invited and my Aunt Cindy could come too, since she took me on my first cruise.

6. Get every tattoo I ever wanted. I have so many tattoos planned out, and I’d finally have the funds and security to get them.

7. Buy every book that is considered classic literature. And read them all. I’d have a killer library.

8. Go shopping! I hear Louboutin heels and Agent Provocateur lingerie calling my name.

I know that realistically I will never win the lottery, but it’s nice to dream! What would you do if you won $300 million?


New Year’s Resolutions

28 Dec

Happy New Year everybody! Hopefully everyone had a great 2010, and hopefully you’re looking forward to 2011 as much as I am! So, with the new year fast approaching, I thought it would be fitting to post my resolutions!

P.S. I have a post in the works about my recent Disneyland trip I still need to publish! I had a great time with my mom, and hopefully we can make it a tradition!

NewYear's Eve

Photo Credit


1. Gluten Free

I went gluten free for about a month, and went off for the holidays. (I really couldn’t miss out on stuffing!) While I was off gluten, I felt great! No belly bloat, and I lost 10 pounds. This lifestyle is incredibly hindering, as most resturaunts don’t have gluten free options (except I was informed that Red Robin has an entire gluten free menu by my friend Dayla aka world’s best hostess). I’m also moving into a dorm when I transfer to a four year college where I’m going to be eating cafeteria food. Gluten free eating will probably be an issue at that point, but hopefully I can stick with it by making informed decisions.

2. Keep up on This Blog

I’ve wanted to have my own successful blog for a while, and I have a lot of great ideas. I haven’t been able to actually keep up with a blog, due to my busy schedule. I was given a calendar for Christmas, so hopefully I can create a schedule for myself and stick to it!

3. Decide Where I Want to Transfer

I have a huge decision coming up in a few months. I’ve applied to transfer to University of Hawaii at Manoa, some college in Boston that I’m not even considering anymore, California State University Chico (where I’ve already been accepted, but won’t consider going unless they offer me a full scholarship and/or as a last resort) and California State University Long Beach. Obviously there are lots of pros and cons for each location, and if I get accepted into multiple locations (with a 3.9 GPA I’ll be surprised if I don’t) I’m going to have a hard time deciding where I want to be for the rest of my life.

4. Get a Job Relevant to my Career Choice

Currently, I work in food service at a great company called Auntie Anne’s. Yes, I roll pretzels for a living, and supervise people who roll pretzels for a living. Technically, my title is Team Member/Shift Manager/Hostess, but none of these titles are relevant to the education industry. When I transfer to a four year college, I plan to take my experience and acquire a job that is more professional, if not relevant to my career choice.

5. Get an Annual Pass to Disneyland/Get More Internships!

If I transfer to CSU Long Beach, I won’t be too far from my favorite place in the world–Disneyland! If that happens, I want to get an annual pass so I can visit anytime I want. That would be the ultimate for me. If I don’t move to Long Beach, I plan on focusing my time on getting internships in the social media/blogging/journalism world. I enjoy having such outlets to express my creativity.

Wish List

7 Dec

A few of my family members have been asking what I want for Christmas, so I decided to post it here!

Pant size: 8, large, or 28. Regular inseam usually works.

Shoe size: 9

Shirt size: Medium.

Of course gift cards are always nice! Especially to Barnes & Noble for classic book and to Victoria’s Secret for the obvious. I just thought I’d give a few specific gift ideas.

Wish List

Knit Cozy Sweater. Lace Trim Top. Flower Back Top. Beaded Tank. Skinny Jeans. Black Jeans. Black Flats. Black Heels.

Tarte Eyelash Curler. White Toms. Sephora Make up Kit. Heart Umbrella. Wireless Mouse.

A few of these are essentials, but some I just want. I need a wireless mouse because something went wrong with the wiring in my laptop, so I have to double click the trac-pad like 5 or 6 times before my laptop decides to actually click. I’d like an umbrella because only two of my jackets have hoods, but the one I wear the most doesn’t. It’d be nice to have a cute umbrella. I also would like a new Tarte eyelash curler, because the spring on my last one broke recently and I have to use a crappy drugstore curler which takes twice as long and doesn’t work as well.

This list was actually really hard for me to make, becuase I usually buy whatever I want/need. These are the things I haven’t gotten around to buying yet.

Christmas Quest

5 Dec

On Friday, my mom and I ventured to Olive Garden to have dinner. We planned on going to see a movie after dinner, but our plans quicky changed.

Christmas Tree
Photo Credit

Olive Garden had a Christmas tree in the lobby with tags from a local charity. On the tags were gift wishes from children who were picked by the charity to be featured on the tree. One tag that stuck out to me was for a four year old girl who wanted Disney’s Princess and the Frog shoes.

This tag stuck out to me for a few reasons. I am currently in the progress of watching Princess and the Frog on Netflix in short intervals before I fall asleep. Also, my mom and I are also planning a trip to Disneyland for Christmas. But the main reason why I decided to peruse this specific gift is because I remember having princess shoes of my own as a child. Every day when I came home from preschool, I’d put on my dress up princess shoes and walk around the house like I was in my own magical kingdom. My childhood would not have been complete without these princess shoes. I knew that I had to get these shoes for this little girl.

My mom and I drove all around town, and could not find any shoes with Tiana on them. Luckily, I checked the Disney Store online and sure enough, there are beautiful Princess and the Frog shoes, just like ones I had as a child.

Princess ShoesPhoto Credit

I really can’t wait to get these beautiful shoes in the mail. They light up too, which is like the Holy Grail of shoes as a child! Hopefully this little girl can put these shoes on and escape into a kingdom where she can be the beautiful princess she is, despite whatever hardships she’s going through.

Bloodying the Keel

4 Dec

Hello fellow voyagers! This first post is going to be boring, but I promise they’ll get better. This is just a formality, and I hate them but they are necessary apparently–hence the title “Bloodying the Keel.”

I love music. And more than in an “OMG I’m soooo obsessed with this band!” kind of way. I’m determined to be in the music industry, through journalism, promoting, and eventually through owning my own venue. This is the me setting the sail in my voyage.

Who am I? Jessica Heffner. I’m 19, and I don’t have a long enough life to do all the things I plan to accomplish. I’m an English major, planning on educating your youth in the joys of classic literature and persuasive essays. I have a mother who teaches elementary school, a brother who’s just about to graduate college to become a ship captain, and a cat named Amicus who is just precious! I love performing, and I have found an outlet where my passion and talent coincide–burlesque. I have a messed up sleep schedule, due to the fact that I work nights and go to school in the afternoon. I can’t function if I’m up before 11 am, so most of the posts will be made during late night.

Why the pirate theme? My favorite book is Treasure Island, and Skeleton Island is the name of an island off the island in which Cap’n Flint burried his treasure. I also believe I was a pirate in a past life. Call me crazy, but I don’t care. It is what it is.

What can you expect from this blog? This is going to be my personal blog, through and through. I will feature some music related posts now and then, but it will mostly relate to my life experiences. I have a lot of big events coming up in my life, and I want to share them with everyone.