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Weekend To Do List

1 Jan

I’ve recently acquired “weekends” from my work schedule! I know the traditional weekend is Saturday and Sunday off, but since I work in the mall these are our busiest days, so I hardly ever get time off on a traditional weekend. I do, however, have two days off this week–Monday and Tuesday! This is going to be odd for me, since I haven’t had a true day off since school started. When school is in session, I attend class two days a week, which are my days off from work, and work all other five days. I had two days off to go to Disneyland, and last week I had two days off but had the flu so I wouldn’t have worked regardless. Anyway, I’m incredibly excited for my days off and I need to plan how I’m going to spend them!


Messy Room

I’ve been planning on cleaning my room, but things just keep coming up (like the flu, or sushi dinner offers with my mom and her boyfriend). As you can see it’s a DISASTER. I’ve never let my room get this messy before! I have lots of things to unpack and put away from moving back in (which was like 4 months ago or something), from various trips, and from acquiring new items. This is at the top of my list.

2. Get my Car into the Shop

The last time I got my oil changed, the mechanics told me I had no oil in my car, and the time before that I was told I had an oil leak. Regardless, my oil looked fine when I checked it with the dipstick this morning and was full, but my check engine light is on, so I need to take it in. Also, my pesky Volvo is stuck in “Winter Mode,” which basically means I have to floor it to get it to exceed 25 mph. Any of you who have taken a ride with me in Beatrice know just how annoying, loud, and dangerous driving like that can be.  I’m going to try and get that fixed too.

3. Inspiration Board

While at Barnes and Noble today, I picked up a few magazines to create a new inspiration board. This will contain lots of pink, sequins, and tattoos! I’ll post pictures when I finish. In other news, I was very mad to find that tattoo magazines can only be found in the “Men’s Interests” section at Barnes and Noble. Sexism and stereotypes, anyone?