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I Just Bought my First Lottery Ticket!

3 Jan

Yup, I’ve been able to buy lottery tickets for almost two years, and I just bought my first.


(Please excuse the horrible quality. My camera is being rude and I don’t have time to fix it.)

Of course I had to buy Scratchers, too!

lottery2WISH ME LUCK!

My mom and I spent a while talking about what we would do if we won the current jackpot, which is around $300 million. Here’s what I came up with:

1. Quit my job. Obviously I wouldn’t need to work a mall job if I was getting monthly payments that are more than I make annually.

2. Buy a new iPhone. Mine broke after dropping it in a sink full of dirty dishwater at work when the power went out. I’d buy an iPhone 4 for sure.

3. Buy out Chain Reaction. My life goal is to run my own venue, so why not buy one that’s already got a reputation and a great location? I’d get rid of all the promotion and booking “companies” that put on shows, so I can have complete control over who plays. That means no Bring Me The Horizon!

4. Buy a house/car/Disneyland annual pass. These are all necessary. I’d get one of each for my mom and brother too.

5. Take a cruise! I’d probably go to Greece, Italy, and France if possible. Of course my mom would be invited and my Aunt Cindy could come too, since she took me on my first cruise.

6. Get every tattoo I ever wanted. I have so many tattoos planned out, and I’d finally have the funds and security to get them.

7. Buy every book that is considered classic literature. And read them all. I’d have a killer library.

8. Go shopping! I hear Louboutin heels and Agent Provocateur lingerie calling my name.

I know that realistically I will never win the lottery, but it’s nice to dream! What would you do if you won $300 million?